Saturday, August 05, 2006

Life and morality

As an atheist, I have always wrestled with the problem of when a human life begins. I have concluded that it begins when the fertilized embryo attaches to the uterus. Until that time the embryo has the “potential” for life, but will never develop into a human being!

My morality is derived from the millions of years that social animals have been evolving. Baboons know its wrong to kill other baboons, chickens know that it is wrong to kill other chickens. Every society, be it human, ape, or chicken, follows social rules in order for their species to function as a social species. No mythological intervention is necessary!


Billiam said...

Not every society. Lions, for instance. When a new dominant male defeats the old male, he kills the young from that male. Yet, I differentiate Humans from every other creature on the planet due to our self awareness. All that said, interesting post.

Anonymous said...

gorillas and other 'higher' primates kill each other. There have been some documented cases of cannabalistic behavior in the wild.