Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I do think atheism is not a faith. As I look around me I see no god, no evidence of a god and never have. I don’t know anybody who has ever seen any evidence of a superior being. These are real, these are facts. There are things I don’t understand, but lack of understanding of something does not mean it is from or of god or any other superhero.

I often wonder why religions came about. I suppose it was to explain much of what we do not understand. As an atheist I understand that our ‘universe’ may have no beginning and no end; and that time has no beginning and no end. Most humans cannot accept that and therefore a god is the answer to create the world (of course god has no beginning or end either, but that’s god)

It’s always comforting to think that a loved one goes to a ‘promised land’ after death and is totally happy. It allows us peace of mind as we age and approach death. That doesn’t make it true, though, but it’s fun to imagine.

All social animals obey certain unwritten laws that help maintain their society. Man is no different. In order for a society to exist these laws must be obeyed and will be enforced by other members of the society. No superhero is needed to write them on stone tablets.

I work for a catholic healthcare organization. All meetings begin with a prayer (although I defer to someone else when it’s my turn). I don’t object or complain about it. We are a private organization after all and should be allowed to do that.

Our government (which includes schools) cannot, however. It must treat all religions and lack of religions equally. Not mentioning a god does not mean it is practicing atheism. Steve has written numerous blogs in which he has not mentioned anything about his superhero. Does that mean he was an atheist when he wrote them?

I suppose I started questioning religion back in May of 1952 when mom told me that she was going to the hospital and would bring back a ‘gift from god!’ She came back with the biggest boobie prize the world has ever seen! I knew back then that god wasn’t what he was cracked up to be!

After thinking about it I don’t object to including the mention of superheroes in the pledge of allegiance to the flag: One nation under Mighty Mouse… would be all right with me!

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Steve said...

OK, Oilcan Harry,
My due date was the middle of June and yet Mom caused me to show up a month early, even at 3 lbs, 15 oz. After having Jean, you, and Jerry, she figured she was due for a break. She had experienced hell and was looking for her little slice of heaven.