Friday, October 13, 2006

What is, is!

I have lived all my life observing the laws of Physics as they apply themselves to everything. Because of these laws I knew that if I didn't open the door before trying to walk through it, I would bruise more than my ego! There is nothing else needed. There is no need to affirm or deny the existence of anything except the laws of Physics. It's only when someone comes around and says "An all powerful, all knowing god controls everything! All those who deny god's existence are atheists!"

I don't need to deny the existence of god, reality does it for me!


Steve said...

The lovely and gracious (heh) Grandma Kirstin: "Grandpa John, do you still love me?"

Grandpa John: "Well, my dearest Honey Punkin' Pinkie-Winkie, love has no place in physics, but my d-shell electrons DO have a strong covalent attraction."

Al said...

HAH! That's funny!

Purple Avenger said...

Why are the laws of physics the way they are?

Big Bang theory allows for creation of universes having radically different "laws of physics". Some of those universes would be entirely uninteresting(ex. dust without enough graviational characteristics to start clumping up), others so harsh life couldn't possibly evolve in them (gravitational charactristics so strong everything is a black hole), and others (like ours) where there is a fine balance and physical laws that have proven acceptable for the creation of stars and ultimately our development.

In the thousands/millions of possible physical "law" and universal constant combinations the bang allowed for, we drew a pretty habitable set compared to the vast majority of the possible combinations.

Maybe there is a god, but all he does is sit back and throw a pair of loaded dice at the beginning of the game, then sits back to see how it plays out?