Friday, May 08, 2009

Barack Hearts Sarah

Sarah Palin, the governor of Alaska..., is an enthusiastic hunter who has proposed legislation and cash incentives to encourage aerial wolf gunning, the controversial practice of shooting wolves from an aircraft.1

And President Obama...
Seems there's at least one set of policies where Obama isn't parting so drastically from Bush: endangered species rulings. Today, Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar is upholding the Bush rule that limits the action that can be taken to protect polar bears . Before that, Mr. Salazar decided that gray wolves really weren't so endangered either (even though only 1650 exist in the wild)—and potentially opened the floodgates for wolf hunting season by upholding another Bush rule. So what's the deal? Is Obama only green when it comes to energy and climate change? Or does he just hate wolves and polar bears?2
President Obama is also fond of low level 'flybys' in Air Force One.

Here Obama is buzzing a couple of polar bears drifting in the open sea. (Photo credit: Gatordoug.)

And... A lot of fun was had by all in the Pulitzer-worthy news coverage of the President and Vice-President being regular guys and enjoying a Hellburger at an area greasy spoon. Most of the emphasis seemed to be on the MSM's attempted cover up of Obama's request for the Kerry-esque dijon mustard. Most certainly all commentators missed the major point...
The real bottom line. That burger was not beef!

Jeremiah Johnson always recommended Grey Poupon as the condiment of choice for grizzer and polar bear burgers.

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