Monday, October 27, 2008

Decorating for Halloween

We've made special efforts to celebrate Halloween this year. We have spared no expense to decorate our front room to match the likeness of President Obama's Oval Office.

When trick-or-treaters come to the door, it will be answered by two large 'Secret Service Agents' with one bearing a nearly empty bowl of candy. If there are two or more tricksters ringing, the agents will compare all of their bags. If one child has more in his bag the agents will take some of his 'earnings' and redistribute it to the others. If there is only one child at the door the agents will take candy from his bag and redistribute it into our bowl, put some acorns in his, thank the child for his patriotism, and close the door.

This will be the funnest Halloween evah!


Jane Bellwether/Tamara R Bower said...

Makes me wish I lived in a neighborhood where kids went begging. Maybe I can house-sit.

Steve Burri said...

It really frosts me that Obama chose the picture of Che taken by Rene Burri to place on the Oval Office wall.

Jane Bellwether/Tamara R Bower said...

You have a more favorite che pic?

Steve Burri said...

Cousin Rene took a lot of them. I really like the one of Che with the crosshairs superimposed between his eyes.