Friday, August 28, 2009

All Wee-Weed Up Over Mandated Circumcision

New York Times:
Public health officials are considering promoting routine circumcision for all baby boys born in the United States to reduce the spread of H.I.V., the virus that causes AIDS.1
Ed Morrisey on Hot Air:
Barack Obama has warned us of Tonsil Vultures and Foot Rustlers. So far, he hasn’t issued a warning on Foreskin Fiends...

Why should the CDC push circumcision at all? The government has no business being in the middle of that decision.2
Rush Limbaugh:
Leave our penises alone, too, Obama!3
R.S. McCain:
Grab a cup of STFU, you foreskin-fascinated freaks! By your folly you are in danger of inciting wrath such as befell the residents Shalem, when Shechem the son of Hamor the Hivite offended Levi and Simeon by shamefully mistreating their sister, Jacob and Leah's daughter Dinah.4
Cassandra on Villainous Company:
Opening sally:



You expected something substantive from me? It's nearly Friday.
Don't be a weiner. Do your wurst.5
Now even the international community has weighed in:

"Leave our heads alone!"
The Milwaukee Brewer Racing Sausages:

#1, Brett Wurst Austro-Bavarian.
#2, Stosh Jonjak is Polish.
#3, Guido is an Italian
#4, Frankie Furter is an American hot dog.
#5, Cinco (or Paco) is Mexican.

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