Tuesday, August 18, 2009

War Without Bush Is not a War at All

Byron York writing in the Washington Examiner titles this article "For the Left, war without Bush is not war at all.
Remember the anti-war movement?...

As part of a straw poll done at the convention [Netroots Nation], the Democratic pollster Stanley Greenberg presented participants with a list of policy priorities like health care and the environment. He asked people to list the two priorities they believed "progressive activists should be focusing their attention and efforts on the most." The winner, by far, was "passing comprehensive health care reform." In second place was enacting "green energy policies that address environmental concerns."

And what about "working to end our military involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan"? It was way down the list, in eighth place.

Perhaps more tellingly, Greenberg asked activists to name the issue that "you, personally, spend the most time advancing currently." The winner, again, was health care reform. Next came "working to elect progressive candidates in the 2010 elections." Then came a bunch of other issues. At the very bottom -- last place, named by just one percent of participants -- came working to end U.S. involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Cindy Sheehan remains consistent, however.

Perhaps Neville Chamberlain was ultimately right. There is now peace in our time.

(H.T. Dissecting Leftism.)

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Ling Carter said...

ABC's Charles Gibson just dropped Cindy like a hot rivet.

Now she's officially a nut.