Friday, May 07, 2010

Breaking Sports News

BSPN: It is official. The long wait is over and the sporting world is abuzz. Steve Burri will be returning this season to play for the River Hills Slobberknockers in Janesville's Monday night softball league. The 40 year veteran shortstop was speculating retirement, or not, and skipped most of spring training with the team. He returned to play in the last pre-season game and booted ground balls in mid-season form. The only thing missing in his game were errant throws across the infield. He is confident that this will be rectified shortly.

Burri, who suffered a right shoulder injury in 1973 that has taken him to 13 emergency room trips in 5 states since, has altered his throwing motion to 3/4 sidearm. He has decreased his batter's box-to-first base time from 13 seconds down to 12-1/2. His vision has been recorrected and he will not be playing with the monovision strategy that he discovered will not work well in softball.

Steve told BSPN reporters that even Brett Favre had texted, begging to know if he was returning to Monday nights. Burri said that he returned a text telling Brett that he was out mowing the lawn, '...with a push mower, you wussie!'

As expected, there are no tickets available for the team's Monday night opening against Faith Community at Dawson Park.

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