Monday, January 07, 2008

Democrat Candidates Promise Change

Change... Now there's a campaign promise that you can sink your teeth into. Hillary has been fighting for change for 35 years. God only knows what hell fire and brimstone we would be experiencing without her altruism. Obama has proven his drive for change. His seat in the Senate isn't even warm yet and he is prepared to change to another seat. John Edwards' self-sacrificial nature would cause him to switch barbers. Dennis Kucinch has changed home planets. Mike Gravel is expected to finally change BVD's.

It is very difficult to decide among all these varied, but effective agents of change. There is one element of change that they all have in common, however. Each of these Democrats promise to take each of your hard-earned dollars and give you 13 cents change.

So when someone wishes to voice his opinion using the phrase 'I'll put my 2 cents in,' you can be sure, with Democrats in office, that that is all he'll be getting back. That's the change they're talking about, they will reform your dollars into nickels.

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