Thursday, March 27, 2008

Big Tent Democrats

This photograph, taken with special lens political filters, shows the inner workings of the Democrat 'Big Tent':

(Photo from Wikipedia)

This photo clearly demonstrates two Democrat realities:

-The 'Big Tent' is actually a fractured set of special interests and victims. There's Hillary's tent over there. (Bill sleeps in a separate tent.) That's Barack's tent yonder. I believe Mike Gravel is taking his tent and going home. Eliot Spitzer is in the Emperor's Club tent. Kwame Kilpatrick's wife threw him out of his tent. Indeed, it takes such a village.

-Democrat socialist policies will endow us with a similar diverse economic and cultural landscape. In the forefront is the Universal Health Care tent. That tent is the Al Gore Prizes and Awards Museum. The carbon foot print here is very small and they are no longer dependent of foreign oil.

You can see that true equality has finally been achieved; the American Dream.

The Big Tent in Denver, 2008?

Photo from Peace Corps Online)

BHO: "I will lead America into unity. I can't do it at the convention 'cause they are 'typical Democrat people.'"

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