Sunday, March 14, 2010

Wisconsin Rule 5 Badgers

Carol of No Sheeples Here has suggested a March Madness Sweater Puppy Rule 5 Contest in the spirit of Stacy McCain's Rules. She has goaded me out of the secret basement laboratory to participate. No problem. I'm just the chief administrator of the lab and not a scientist or researcher.

Since Bob Belvedere's Rule 5 Compliance Committee has been selected a judge(s), I decided this would be a good entry:

They don't build 'em like this anymore!
The 1956 Wisconsin Badger Cheerleading Squad. Hubba, hubba!

Here's the High-Flyin' Badger Sweater Puppies: 

And there's something for everyone:

The classic Rule 5 Badger entry:
 Christina, UW Class of 2011

But my favorite Badger Basketball cheerleader:

We have one in our garden overlooking the koi pond!

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