Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Packers' Season of Vengeance

The scientists and researchers in our secret basement laboratory have brought together data gathered from observations, the stars, and numbers to draw some interesting conclusions.

This is the season of Packer Vengeance. Past wrongs are being righted and will continue to be so.

Just last year the Vikings with Brett Favre embarrassed the Packers twice during the regular season. This season served Packer Vengeance in this matter.

In January, 2003, the Atlanta Falcons led by quarterback Michael Vick came to Green Bay in the Wild Card playoff round. The Packers had never lost a home playoff game since the opening of Lambeau Field; the closest was the infamous 'Ice Bowl' last second victory over Dallas in 1967. Vick and the Falcons destroyed the Pack 27-7.

In the 2003-04 playoffs, the Packers played the Eagles and while leading 17-14 got burned by a 4th and 26 completion to help the Eagles win.

This season doubled the Packer Vengeance dose. The Packers went to Philadelphia and smacked the Eagles and Mike Vick out of the playoffs. The Packers then went to Atlanta to play the Falcons who were virtually unbeatable at home. The Green and Gold abused the Falcons there almost as badly as Liberal commentators abuse truth, reason, and civility.

The season of Packer Vengeance. Tomorrow the Packers travel to Chicago to play the Bears for the NFC championship and the right to go to the Super Bowl. A similar occurrence took place in 1941. On that day, a mere week after the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Bears smacked the Pack around pretty hard. Tomorrow the Packers will fulfill another round of vengeance. (Besides, I listen to a Rockford FM station while at work and have been exposed to regular play of the 1985 Bears rendition of The Super Bowl Shuffle.) The researchers' conclusions say Packers, 34, Bears, 17. This is even with the same crew of referees that called 18 penalties on the Packers in the Packer/Bear game earlier this season.

The reason for Vengeance upon the Steelers or Jets in the Super Bowl has yet to be determined.

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