Monday, August 08, 2011

Caught on the Jumbotron

For many years I have been a regular reader of Keith Burgess-Jackson's blogs. Keith has a law degree, but instead pursued a PhD in philosophy and teaches at UofTexas-Arlington. Among the many interesting things about his posts are his insights into the Progressive mindset. He used to be one up until 2003 when the incongruities of it all forced him into Conservatism.

Keith is a huge baseball fan. At his roots he is a Detroit Tiger fan, but has also adopted the Texas Rangers near his home in Arlington. This year he purchased a special 20 game pack of tickets so he has been able to attend games at the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington with his girlfriend, Katherine.

Keith and Katherine attended the Rangers' game this past Sunday evening and the jumbotron caught some extracurricular activity in the stands:

(She said, "Yes!" in front of 37,000 people.)

Congratulations, Keith and Katherine!

Hey, the Rangers even won, beating Cleveland 5-3.


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