Thursday, September 01, 2011

The President Being Cheered During Joint Session Jobs Speech

Chris Matthews:
President Obama is proving to be the Great Orator again this evening as he showed his great leadership skills during his jobs speech before a joint session of Congress. Even Wisconsin's Paul Ryan and Tea Party freshman Senator Ron Johnson were seen to give standing ovations and exuberant cheers during the speech.

As the President spoke I, myself, felt a blood rush into my corpora cavernosa!

I am sure glad that the President allowed another day for Congress to prepare for the event!

Detective Paco investigates.

Linked by Linkiest. Thanks, Brian. It makes me wonder, though, what kind of readers go to Linkiest. The link to 'How to Survive in Prison' is getting more hits.

Bob Belvedere confuses our secret basement laboratory's technology for a crystal ball.

The Scorekeeper rates it a 'Good.'

Chris of WyBlog says, "Packers 21, Saints 17."

Pundit and or Pundette Sidebars this.

Call the cops! Fishersville Mike is gettin' rowdy again.

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