Saturday, October 29, 2005


The discerning Texan quotes from an article by Mark Steyn, "Do you want the chicken or the beef?" (Could this be the Republican theme for the next presidential election?)

John Ray has no compunction about being politically correct when the situation calls for it.

"In the circumstances, it is no wonder that the Anglo-Saxons are so much more influential in the modern-day world than are the French. Someone recently said that the French are basically a Chihuahua that wants to be a bull-terrier. The Ango-Saxons really are that bull-terrier. And, as a former bull-terrier breeder, I can asssure you that, despite their power, bull-terriers are extremely good natured -- not something that one would often say of either Chihuahuas or the French."

(John Ray is an atheist from Australia. He contributes on 6 or 7 blogs and has been otherwise published hundreds of times. He is fearless in his non-whitewashing of research data. His critiques of Leftism and Post-modernism are devastating. He labels President Bush as even more liberal than President Clinton in many ways. Ray even has a Scripture blog that is intelligently done, although I plan to take him to task on several interpretations. For a quick take on his daily thoughts, see Dissecting Leftism. He's very, very good.)

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