Tuesday, November 08, 2005

According to Tuesday Morning Quarterback, Brett Favre was credited with a 4 yard rush and an 11-yard pass on the same play - the final play of their loss to the Bengals:

Ed Stubenrauch of Cincinnati notes the Gamebook of the Bengals/Packers contest records the final play like this: '(:05) (No Huddle) B.Favre to CIN 26 for 4 yards. B.Favre pass to B.Franks to CIN 15 for 11 yards (O.Thurman). Penalty on GB-B.Favre, Illegal Forward Pass, declined.' According to this line, Brett Favre both rushed for 4 yards and passed for 11 yards on the same play, getting statistical credit for both because the Bengals declined the penalty. Had the Bengals accepted the penalty, the game would still have been over, but Favre would only get credit for his rush.

Now, if only Favre could both play well and win a game at the same time...

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Steve said...

Hah! And Favre wonders if he still has the magic. Hah!