Saturday, November 12, 2005

Limbaugh and Bates on Postmodern Leftism

The other Limbaugh writes:
"The following is a non-exhaustive sampling of certain important precepts one must believe, pretend to believe, or advocate in order to be in the Democratic leadership fraternity, that bizarre cadre of partisan creatures dedicated to destroying President Bush personally as an alternative to devising a coherent, politically viable policy agenda:

Nazi and Communist propagandists were on to something in teaching that if you repeat a lie -- even an outrageous one -- often enough people will begin to believe it.
This principle holds true even if you are guilty of precisely the same thing as those you accuse (talking up Saddam's WMDs) and your complicity is conclusively demonstrated on audiotape and videotape.

When your obvious duplicity in this affair is illuminated by reference to the uncontroverted fact that when you made similar claims about Saddam's WMDs you had access to the same intelligence as the administration, you simply say the president pressured the intelligence community to doctor the data.

When this specious assertion is contradicted by unequivocal findings of bipartisan investigative commissions, you simply demand, with righteous indignation, more investigations.

In the meantime, you also charge that President Bush cherry-picked certain intelligence and deliberately relied on other discredited intelligence in order to bolster his case for war against Iraq. And you do that knowing that it is you who are retrospectively cherry-picking the evidence and presenting it as irrefutable proof that Bush lied."

Les Bates also:
"They have an idea, it is to replace the society of social and economic consent that we live in with the social and economic primacy of the parasites over the productive."

I used to wonder how the rich Leftists would fit into this scenario, but no longer do. The rich Leftists like Kennedy and Kerry desire to parasitize the power reserved to the states and the people by that great obstacle, the Constitution. (That is not to claim that they aren't lusting for more wealth as well.)

(H.T. to John Ray for both.)

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