Thursday, December 29, 2005

The 2006 Draft

Feels a little defeatist to be talking about this now, but...if Houston wins this Sunday, and New Orleans, the NY Jets, and Green Bay all lose this Sunday, there will be five teams finishing the season with only 3 wins each (that includes San Francisco, which plays Houston this week).

The tiebreaker for draft purposes is strength of schedule, and according to this story, New Orleans will have the lowest strength of schedule, meaning they win! Um...I mean...they get the first pick.

But New Orleans just gave RB Shawn Alexander a $50 million contract. Odds are they won't want another running back, which means USC's Reggie Bush, being touted as The Guy this year, will fall to the #2 pick.

Which, under this scenario, means Green Bay.

Whether or not they should take him, I leave to you, gentle readers, to decide for yourselves. As Grandpa John suggested to me over the Christmas weekend (yes, he really does exist in real life - just not here on the Internet), Bush has been running through enormous offensive line-created holes all year. No wonder his stats are so good.

Would that success translate to the NFL? Time will only tell.

For myself, I'm intrigued by the possibility of trading down, and gaining several more mid- to late-round picks. After all: Mark Tauscher - 7th round pick; Ahmad Carroll - 1st round pick.


Steve said...

Shawn Alexander? Saints? You lost me.

Lance Burri said...

Oops - I meant Deuce McAllister.