Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Badgers and the NFL

Since coach Barry Alvarez has coached Badger football, Wisconsin has featured a power running game. He has been very successful in accomplishing this. Thousand yard rushers became a dime-a-dozen. The passing game has always proved quite weak in comparison.

It is quite surprising to me that Badger running backs have had so little success in the NFL. It is even more surprising, however, that other skill positions have proved themselves very well in the pros. Receivers Lee Evans and Chris Chambers have proved to be impact players for the Bills and the Dolphins, respectively. I am nearly stunned that quarterbacks Brooks Bollinger and Jim Sorgi have even made an NFL squad, let alone done as well as they have. Bollinger has lead a poor Jets team admirably and Sorgi has Manning so fearful of losing his starting role that he has been pushed into superstardom.

So if the trend holds true, I will predict that Owen Daniels, Jonathan Orr, Brandon White, and Brandon Williams will catch on in the NFL and become All-Pro. Similarly, John Stocco will eventually become league MVP and Super Bowl MVP. Unfortunately, Brian Calhoun may play a few years, but without distinction.

Matt Bernstein and several offensive lineman will continue the Badger legacy of smashing open running lanes.

Perhaps the Alvarez offensive scheme can be likened to that of the Denver Broncos. One could plug in a good running back into the scheme and allow him to gain great running statistics.

There is no logic for the success of former Badger quarterbacks.

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