Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Listening to the news on WIBA this morning, I heard a report of an arrest of a 25 year old Madison woman who allegedly left her 4 year old son in the car while she went into a bar to drink. The Leftists jumped right on that one. One commenter from the Wisconsin Parental Stress Center stated something akin to this: There needs to be more services for parents in Dane County when it comes to their kids.

Believe it or not, I am speechless. (Except for the question, 'Which is dumber, the action or the statement?')

UPDATE: Vicki McKenna is calling for mandatory child care in Madison bars!

UPDATE 2: Vicki and e-mailer agree that President Bush is to blame. This incident is proof that he lied about 'No Child Left Behind.' Protestors shouted during summer incidents, "Bush Lied, and Children Fried!" Winter shouts included, "Bush Lied and Children Cryed!" (Cryo-, Greek: frozen)

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