Tuesday, December 13, 2005


The Good Lieutenant reports, "America is great because we fought a war against Korea and Japan and still stuck together; the Beatles couldn't even handle one single Asian."

(P.S. Tee Bee, Whaddayagoddasay 'bout that?!)


tee bee said...

Steve, Steve, Steve. Since everyone knows how you feel about the Moptop Four, and your envy for the way they turned the world on its ear and made a kajillion doing it, your schadenfreude over Yoko is de riguer.

Are you calling me the Yoko of the Badgersphere? 'Cause I woulda thought Jessica Macbride or somebody.

tee bee said...

(tap, tap, tap) Well?

Steve said...

tee bee,
I don't know what 'de riguer' means and I don't know who Jessica Macbride is, so all I can come up with is...
Oh, yeah?!
...Or maybe, just maybe I should recite some of the lyrics of "Imagine".