Tuesday, December 13, 2005

This is #901

And...that was post #900 here on Grandpa John's. Fitting that it should have something to do with taking a dump.


tee bee said...

900 - that's dedication. Or a constant supply of Leinies delivered to your door.

Congrats either way!

Steve said...

Kinda sums up the body of our work, no?

Lance Burri said...

Actually, Leinie's is the BBA's official beer. We here at Grandpa John's prefer Miller products.

MGD - Official Beer of Grandpa John's.

Heh. John. Just keeping with the theme.

tee bee said...

I'll quote Carrie Nation upon discovering Millers: "This is the devil's brew and must be stamped out or we can surely expect the wrath of God to fall upon this nation's children."

I paraphrased that a bit, but it's still true.

Steve said...

Since when did this bunch get so hoity-toity? (Lance romanticizes the family far beyond reason.) Our official beer is whatever is in somebody else's refrigerator. Tradition!