Friday, December 30, 2005

Water Over the Bridge

Pat Santy quotes from Stephen Hicks' book, Explaining Postmodernism, outlining Leftist political strategy; Using contradictory discourses.

In postmodern discourse, truth is rejected explicitly and consistency can be a rare phenomenon. Consider the following pairs of claims.

- On the one hand, all truth is relative; on the other hand, postmodernism tells it like it really is.

- On the one hand, all cultures are equally deserving of respect; on the other, Western culture is uniquely destructive and bad.

- Values are subjective--but sexism and racism are really evil

- Technology is bad and destructive--and it is unfair that some people have more technology than others.

- Tolerance is good and dominance is bad--but when postmodernists come to power, political correctness follows.

There is a common pattern here: Subjectivism and relativism in one breath, dogmatic absolutism in the next.

That just about hits the nail on the thumb.

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