Saturday, January 14, 2006

Applied Tolerance and Diversity

John Hawkins at Right Wing News compiled a sampling of salient comments on Kos concerning the emotion shown by Mrs. Alito during the Senate confirmation hearings. Here is a portion:

Pacified: and do we want a judge who would marry such a weak-willed b*tch?

tjb22: Poor woman...she probably teared up when she saw what a bigot she was married to...I'd cry, too. And come to think of it, if they made me wear those ugly republican clothes I'd probably get a little emotional, too.

fugue: This is the MOST blatant attempt to manipulate public emotion. She should go f*ck herself.

phoenixandrew: Mrs. Alito is the typical conservative woman. Martha-Ann Alito is an idiot and a moron. She'll REALLY have something to cry about if she doesn't grow up.

Buzzer: What a whiny little b*tch. I'm GLAD she was reduced to tears. These hyper-pampered Stepford wives have never endured anything more stressful than making it to Saks Fifth Avenue before it closes. If seeing her poor widdle hubby getting caught in an avalanche of lies about his not-exactly-concealed racism triggers the weeping-willow response, I'd venture to say Martha needs to get out a little more. Maybe visit a black neighborhood or two and get acquainted with a few strong women who DON'T burst into tears while DAILY dealing with hardships that Martha's fragile, feeble mind could not even conceive of. What a phony, fraudulent, sheltered twit.

Maine Atticus: WTF is she doing there, anyway! She should be home baking cookies and making more home-made clothes! Why do wives, or husbands for that matter have to hang around, looking like complete *sses at these hearings? Another stupid cow married to another Nazi motherf*cker. Cry, you cow. You moron. You sh*thead married to a man who would destroy this country! Cry? You ain't seen nothin' yet.

I'm not supposed to judge them, so they might be right.

(H.T. Max Jacobs.)


tee bee said...

I think it was Ace who posted the Buzz comment. It's ironic - such an echo chamber of hatred and intolerance is hard to imagine, and exactly what they charge conservatives with.

Steve said...

I can't imagine that there are many who think, speak, and act this way, but I'm beginning to wonder.