Saturday, January 21, 2006

Out of the Closet?

Keith Burgess-Jackson speaks 'Ahh-noldese' with a modicum of sophistication.

"Somebody needs to say it, so I will. The Republican Party is the masculine party and the Democrat Party is the feminine party. “Masculine” doesn’t mean male, although it’s correlated with maleness; there can be, and are, mannish females. Nor does “feminine” mean female, although it’s correlated with femaleness; there can be, and are, womanish males. Masculinity and femininity are ways of being, thinking, and feeling. Republicans think and feel like men. Democrats think and feel like women. Republican policies are manly. Democrat policies are womanly. This is not to disparage either party, only to describe their difference."


I'd recommend reading the rest of the post written by this tenured professor.

I'm beginning to question my sexuality. I don't find Teddy Kennedy the least bit attractive.

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