Monday, February 27, 2006

Conservative's Titanic Heading for Iceberg

As the Conservative Juggernaut sails full steam ahead toward its desired destination, it fails to notice its rapid collision course approach toward the destructive iceberg. The ship is sunk; its all over. The conservative rise to prominence has been reduced to flotsam and dead bodies. Very few are left alive to recount the story.

Via Dr. Sanity and The American Digest we can easily write the conservative obituary and recount it for generations to come.

The sinking of The Conservative is mainly to be credited to the publication of the magnum opus of author Jeremy Zilber. Conservative doom has been sealed by 'Why Mommy is a Democrat'.

Note the portrayal of the rich white conservatives at the expensive school in the background.

While the rich white conservatives snub the homeless and poor.

Protection from the destructive, thoughtless G.O.P. pachyderm.

Please put on your life vests located in the upper storage compartments, take all the sharp objects out of your pockets, bend over, and kiss your conservatives asses goodbye.

Democrats are loving and kind. They are intelligent and wise in their political choices, just like Mommy is.

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