Friday, February 03, 2006

Neuroanatomy and Physiology

A while back Time Magazine printed the earth shattering revelation that men and women were different. More recently, Newsweek also came to a similar conclusion. Some have proclaimed that the homosexual brain shows marked differences from that of the heterosexual. Others have attempted to show that the adolescent and teenage brains slog through a period of development dissimilar to anything human at all.

Taken together, all of these studies show a true diversity within humanity. We call this 'Multi-encephalism' and it must be considered in all human relationships and dealings.

Serious research has also been done correlating neuroanatomy and physiology to political views. The study looked at the preserved brains of Karl Marx, Joseph Stalin, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, George Patton, Ronald Reagan. It also analysed through Magnetic Resonance Imaging the brains of John F. Kerry, George W. Bush, Jesse Jackson, Lance Burri, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Rush Limbaugh, Teddy Kennedy, Paul Ryan, Mel Gibson, Clarence Thomas, Ann Coulter, and Maureen Dowd. (Among thousands of others.) The research results can be generalized by the construction of two anatomical models that make up the poles bordering the human political continuum. This is hard science.



(H.T. Dissecting Leftism.)

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