Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Ariel Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone's latest political comments have caused a parodic plethora among bloggers and talk show hosts. Prima facie analysis lends itself to judge the statements as those of a ditzy blonde feminist new-ager. However, this is not the case. Stone's statements prove to be those of a mature, astute observer of cross-cultural realities.

"We are just that breath away from a peaceful co-existence," she added after her visit to Israel as a guest of the Peres Center for Peace, a foundation run by Nobel laureate and former Israeli prime minister Shimon Peres.1

Ms. Stone's statement is absolutely correct. She rightly perceives that Middle East peace is truly just a breath away... the final breath by either the last Jew or last Muslim.

"I think Hillary Clinton is fantastic, but I think it is too soon for her to run (for president)," Stone said in the latest edition of Hollywood Life magazine. "A woman should be past her sexuality when she runs. Hillary still has sexual power and I don't think people will accept that. It's too threatening."2

Again, Sharon is spot on. By running now, Hillary would be hamstrung by her 'Billy Carteresque' husband's sexuality run amok. She indeed must get past that.

Sharon, you are surely a genius and some say that you are beautiful, but...

Only a rose is a rose and you're no Rosie!

(Hubba, hubba!)

How does one nominate for the Nobel Peace Prize?


tee bee said...

All I can see right now is Rosie's head on Sharon's lingerie-clad body. Except that Rosie would probably be reading the book, not using it for a prop.

Al said...

I'm sure the Nobel Committee would be fine with an email.

Steve said...

tee bee,
How can you tell it's a picture book?