Thursday, March 23, 2006

... The Germans... Priceless

We soon may have to start laying off abusing the French and turning our sights on to the Germans. Earlier the Germans were apparently involved in the 'weapons for oil' scandal. More recently they were found to be aiding the Iranians in their 'axis of evil' endeavors. Now they seem to be providing sponsorships for the 'anti-war' demonstrations.

Authentic replica Che Beret... 78 dollars.

Morticia Addams make-up kit with instructional DVD... 163 dollars.

Making a difference by bringing world peace, halting global warming, saving the whales, speaking truth to Bushitler, and hopping in Daddy's Mercedes to race home in time to see Desperate Housewives on her digital HD... Priceless.

Cindy Sheehan, the commissioner of the International Professional Protesters Association, is considering fining this young lady for the unauthorized Mercedes Benz logo as it offended the sensibilities of the majority anti-capitalist protesters.

An unnamed source has informed me that Mercedes Benz has a department within its public relations division, named 'Moonbat Relations', that sponsors individual protesters to shows its support and solidarity with the poor and oppressed around the world. It supplies busses for the protesters to be moved from protest to protest. Its motto is 'Just Protest It'.

(Photo credit-- unknown)

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Al said...

"It supplies busses for the protesters to be moved from protest to protest."

Tell 'em to give 'em a big fat smooch from me, too, while their at it.

I'm sure that'll keep 'em movin'.