Thursday, April 27, 2006

April 28

A while back the brothers and I were talking about a recent picture of Saddam Hussein. He looked just like our dad.

Many years ago I assembled a group of pictures of our grandfather. He greatly resembled Adolph Hitler.

A few years before that, Nikita Khruschev pounded his shoe on a table and proclaimed, "We will Burri you!"

We all somehow survived the trials and tribulations of our upbringing. My brothers are all a little touched, but I turned out OK.

Soon it will be April 28. Back in 1948, John Burri, Sr's wife, Julia gave birth to their third child, Jerry Lee. Happy Birthday, Jerry!

(Oh, yeah... It's also Saddam Hussein's 69th birthday.)

Some Birthday Advice

Yeah, Jerry, you are a very old 58, but don't take it too seriously.

Try to age a little more gracefully, but be careful not to fall.

Take the day off and just hang out.

Or hang out with a friend.

Pull a prank on someone.

Watch a Michael Moore video.

Don't overeat.

And never, ever do drugs.

Happy Birthday, Chady!


Al said...

I love the cat pix.

Did you hear Prager today?

It'd explain a lot.

Steve said...

No, I didn't. Summary?