Thursday, April 20, 2006


For some unknown reason the printing company mistakenly sent a Badger Blog Alliance publication to my house. It is the 1st printing of 'Jib's Rules of Order for the Conduct of BBA Meetings'. Since I don't have Jib's address, I will publish the tract here for all BBA members to download.

Troubleshooting the BBA Meeting

I am glad to do my part, ladies and gentlemen.


Jib said...

That's incorrect. I can see how you may be confused, but we don't abuse the alcohol (we conserve our liquor and beer-hence, conservatives). That is actually the agenda for Milwaukee's chapter of Drinking Liberally.

Lance Burri said...

Uh, we do?

Jib said...

Spilling beer at a BBA function is an offense punishable by death. The only way to earn a pardon is suck the spilled beer out of the carpet/shirt/etc it was spilled onto.

The First Commandment of the BBA: Thou Shalt Not Waste Perfectly Good Beer.

Of course, we will need to make an exception at the Spring Fling for our liberal friends who will hopefully show up and mingle. Damn sloppy drinkers.

Lance Burri said...

Ah. Sorry. I was stuck in the politically-correct definition of "alcohol abuse."

I bow to my revered leader.