Saturday, April 08, 2006


THE Quantum Leap

Clutch, Paddlefoot, Spinner, & Swampy

Clutch defends truth, justice, and the American way against the dreaded Alaskan Totem God. (Alaska had just been admitted to the Union earlier that year as the 49th state, but Clutch eased its adjustment into its new circumstances.)

Drama, excitment, and real moving lips! What more could one ask for in 1959?

Here's what other die-hard Clutch fans had to say:

"This, by far, was the most disturbing cartoon ever made."

"I can't get those accursed bongos out of my head from the opening theme!!"

"When did this show jump the shark? It's impossible to tell. We may have encountered a breed of shark never seen before."

"It jumped when Clutch was reincarnated as Greta Van Susteran--head and jaw stay rigid while talking, lips move slightly."

"But nobody who saw it will ever forget the bizarre juxtaposition of still drawings with real, moving human lips."

Such accolades could go on page after page. What a valuable contribution bequeathed by 'the greatest generation' to nurture the baby boomers.

Apparently, I was a high-tech nerd before being a high-tech nerd was cool!

Side note:

That Alaskan Totem god appears to have been in the news again lately, albeit under a new/old name, Caballero Aguila.

Clutch Cargo, please contact the I.N.S.

On the other hand, perhaps Mexico could become the 51st state.

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Al said...

I'm all for that last point.

Boundaries are unimportant. The Rule of Law--especially the part about noone being above the law--and strong respect for private property are what's important.

The US annexing Sonorra, Baja and Chihuahua [Man, that's hard to type!], would be vastly better for humanity than Mexico reconquering ...whatever the hell they call it... California, Arizona and New Mexico.

Seriously! Do you people really want the government you were fleeing to take over your property?

Reconquista, my ass!!