Friday, April 07, 2006

Viva Franxico!

Los Angeles/Paris-- A major agreement has been made via teleconference between the leaders of the French protesters and the undocumented Mexicans in the United States. They have hammered out a coalition to oppose all oppressive actions by the governments of France and the U.S. that would be deleterious to their constitutional right to pursue happiness. Major protests will be simultaneous in both countries.

These two disparate groups, now melded into one formidable force, brainstormed some hard hitting slogans to caricature their protests and demonstrate their seriousness worldwide:

"Your laws have no status,
Just give us stuff; gratis."

"Si, Si-- Oui, Oui,
Your laws be pee-pee."

"We spit on YOUR Constitution,
It is not OUR utopian solution."

One protester in Los Angeles was asked if, instead of 'illegal aliens' or 'undocumented workers', they would prefer being called 'nomads'. He responded, "Nomads? No way, Jose. Ay caramba, we mucho angrys!"

The protesters also showed their disdain for the host nations by flooding the streets with French wine and Miller Lite. (After renal filtering, of course!)

The negotiations suffered one temporary disagreement, however. This was overcome when it was decided that Mexicans-in-America (M-I-A's) would work and pay a large tax to support their leisure prone French brothers. In return, the M-I-A's would not be required to live in France or learn to speak French.

The powerful voices of the new revolution chose to name their intercontinental union, Franxico, and designed a new flag to symbolize their movement:

All agreed that these actions were as American as chimichangas and escargot.

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