Monday, June 12, 2006

Batten Down the Hatches, Matey

Hurricane season is upon us once again. This year promises to be the worst ever due to Bush-the-Earth-Destroyer's policies that have accelerated global warming exponentially.

We have been busily preparing for the season diligently. We have stockpiled food and water, batteries, a generator with biofuel, and other necessities. We have plenty of plywood to protect our windows from the incumbent missles. In case the storm surge reaches Southern Wisconsin, we have a wide variety of flotation and breathing devices. We also have stockpiled a large arsenal of weapons and ammunition to protect ourselves from any marauding bands of Conservatives that we will surely encounter in the aftermath.

The first approaching storm has already been named Alberto after AG Gonzales. (Ashcroft was also a possibility) The succeeding hurricanes will be named Bushitler, Cheney, DeLay, Enron, Guantanamo, Halliburton, Imbecile, Jewcontrolled, KKKarl, Limbaugh, Moron, Nukyoolar, Obfuscate, Poverty, Quagmire, Rove, Stooge, Torture, Unconstitutional, Vermin, W., Xenophobe, Yokel, and Zarqawibutcherer.

I think we're all prepared for the coming disaster, kids. C'mon, let's watch a video. Let's make it a double feature! Here we go! Inconvenient Truth and Fahrenhype 9/11.

Yaaay, Daddy!!! And we are all finished with our 'Impeach Bushitler Posters'!!

I'm sooo proud of you guys!


Anonymous said...

Natural disasters are more fun when we can joke about them. But then, can't we always joke about them.


The probligo said...

Every time I see Bushitler, my dyslexia kicks in and I read it as -


Sorry, couldn't help myself.

On the national disaster front, it is about 6C outside at present, there is only one open road between Auckland and Wellington, and it ain't getting better till Monday.

Hey!! Who said that was a disaster??