Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Nostalgic Happy Anniversary

Here are the initial four posts, one by each contributor, of Grandpa John's. To my mind, it was immediately apparent that we would indeed grow to be one of the most influential and widely read blogs in the entirety of cyberspace. As of this posting we have received a total of 37 hits over our two year lifespan.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

This blog spot will have 4 members - John (me), the most intellegent one of the group and the only unabashed liberal; Steve, Lance and Todd. Two of whom are low life conservatives (we won't mention any names) and Todd the war monger (the jury is still out on his political persuation.)

Hopefully, we can have fun and discuss issues in a frank, rational and unemotional manner! I'm looking forward to it!

posted by Grandpa John @ 8:38 PM

Thursday, June 10, 2004

I was wondering if we get to call each other names. I hereby claim the title of low-life conservative by making fun of this blog's subtitle. Fairness. Everyone please note that the bleeding heart liberal wrote that, so you know what it means.

posted by Lance Burri @ 4:05 PM

Friday, June 11, 2004

Let's not obsess over labels, shall we?

Actually, lately I've suspected that I'm a libertarian. Not the wacko kind though. I'll ask around. As for 'war monger,' I'm not mongering any more wars at present, but I reserve the right in future.

P.S. nice skin.

posted by Todd @ 10:04 AM

Oh, goodie, goodie– a forum within which we may discuss issues in a civilized manner. (And no name calling either, you big dope!)

Since Jack is of the highest intellect, and the boys are both highly educated and multilingual, I do greatly appreciate that to this point not one of you has flaunted that reality. Nay, verily, I declare that each has hidden it into total latency always putting forth such self-deprecating facades. Acting!!

One unabashed liberal (you’ll be bashed plenty soon enough!), one conservative (sounds like a pretty smart guy!), Todd (a riddle in a paradox surrounded by an enigma wrapped in a sesame seed tortilla!), and I (your token Christian who no longer handles snakes, but is losing teeth and does speak in tongues!)(don’t worry, I haven’t formed it into a written version, yet.)– all add up to hours and hours of fun.

Y’all may remember the old personal slam, “If you had any more brains, you’d be a half-wit.” Now then, all four of us added up together...

And I hope ‘No girls allowed’. I’ve always been fond of the expression, “ Don’t worry your pretty little head about it, Baby– It’s a Man thing.”

posted by Steve @ 5:33 PM

Lance and I have prevented the Conservative movement from total collapse. Grandpa John has inspired Teddy Kennedy, John Kerry, Howard Dean, the Huffington Post, and Daily Kos. And Todd brought Paris Hilton's talent to prominence. (He also performed his famous 'Naked Dance' in the Druid's Forest for the full 24 hours of 6/6/06.)

What? We Worry?


Jib said...

Congrats, guys!

Steve said...

38 hits! Thanks, Jib.

tee bee said...

Hi-larious. I just wish Gramps would show his wit here again once in a while...

Congratulations on getting older! Heh.

We should head for the Afton Pub to celebrate by Drinking Right.

Al said...

I'm a big fan of the Drinking Rite! I take part whenever I can find one. Where is this Afton Pub?