Sunday, July 09, 2006

Party on Koshkonong

Taylor and Nathanial cater the feast for Jerry and Cheryl's shindig.
(Click on photos, then click again for enlargement)

Cole arrives and tears up the back yard on his Harley.

Kayla socializes with Jerry and Cheryl's Squatter Frog/Toad.
(That's Kayla on the right!)

Whenever Lance mentions anything conservative, it turns Grandpa John into Grumpa John. Kirstin just pretends she didn't hear anything.

Some of the Burris just sitting around.
(What is unusual is catching Mari Jo seated.)

Whatever it was, the joke must've been on Lance.

We all had a wonderful evening. The weather was perfect, the fireworks display over Lake Koshkonong was dandy, and Jerry and Cheryl were extremely gracious hosts. We thank you.

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