Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Steve, didn't you use that word once? As in "you can tell from the sun's early dhimmitude that Fall is on the way?"

Dhimmitude for Dummies by Victor Sharpe:

"But what of the peoples and nations that fell under Islamic occupation? For them the story was one of forced conversions to Islam, slavery, death and the Islamic institution of dhimmitude.

This is the word that describes the parlous state of those who refused to convert to Islam and became the subjugated, non-Muslims who were forced to accept a restrictive and humiliating subordination to a superior Islamic power and live as second class citizens in order to avoid enslavement or death. These peoples and populations were known as dhimmis, and if such a status was not humiliating enough, a special tax or tribute, called the jizya, was imposed upon them and upon all dhimmis."

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Steve said...

Sounds like Christians under Progressive occupation.

To stave off dhimmitude our culture must develop testitude.