Sunday, September 10, 2006

A Flurry of Activity

Whew! Things are slowing down abit here.

I had just been seated for lunch one day awaiting the results of a potential indictment by the Grand Jury. As I was sipping my coffee and drooling over my sandwich, my lawyer entered and proclaimed that the indictment failed. Immediately afterward, however, two police officers barged in, handcuffed my ham sandwich, and frog-marched it down to the city lockup.

Two days later, Fernando, my lawyer in Texas called and stated that the Texas effort to extradite me for offenses long ago and far away also failed. Fernando's English isn't too good and neither is my Spanish, but he did say that it failed because of 'The Statue of Libertations', or some such technicality. I also heard that Fernando was being deported-- to California.

As of late, I have become very familiar with Janesville's city dump. (There were rumors that I had been hiding out there, but that is only partly true.) Since I hadn't been there this week, the dump manager called to see if I was alright.

Sometime back in the '50's, Linda's parents bought a used freezer and had it situated in our basement. It was a monster. Linda's mom said that it took nine men to get it down there. Armed only with a Saws-All, a sledge hammer, and a little dynamite, I finally completed the extraction in two short days. The other upright freezer and the dying dryer were breezy by comparison. These were just the larger items in a purge of 50 years of accumulation.

In order to complete my assigned mission, it was necessary to buy a truck and this is what I ended up with:

I never expected to buy something new, but the dealer incentives to clear out the 2006 models were very good.

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