Thursday, September 21, 2006

Nucular...I mean, nuculer...I mean...ah, to heck with it.

Found this amusing anecdote in today's Best of the Web - columnist Michael Medved met with President Bush, and wrote of the meeting:

And one more thing: twice during his meandering conversation, the President deployed the word 'nuclear.' Both times, he pronounced it flawlessly --- as 'new- clee-ar,' not 'nuke-cule-ar.' Considering the huge press attention on the mis-pronounciation of this single word, nothing shocked me more about meeting the president than hearing him, in private conservation, avoid a mistake for which he's become celebrated in public.
I think I'd have been quite disappointed by that. I'd also want to steer the conversation around to the word "strategic," to see if he'd say "strategery."

Come on, Mr. President, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease say strategery?

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