Sunday, October 08, 2006

Bumper Stickers of the Middle East

Gagdad Bob has compiled a list of Palestinian bumper stickers and comments:

-Practice Premeditated Acts of Violence and Gratuitous Cruelty
-Obey Authority
-My Other Car is a Truck Bomb
-Jihad is Not Healthy for Infidels and other Vile Creatures
-Follow Me, I'm Lost
-My Son Graduated Summa Boom Loudly from Arafat High
-Pray for World Conflagration
-After a bomb lab was discovered in the Palestinian territories, I asked, "Isn't qualifying it as a Palestinian bomb lab redundant, like Bozo the clown?"
-There was a story about money laundering in the Palestinian Authority, to which I remarked, “Sources close to Arafat say that money was the only thing he ever laundered.”

B.S. UPDATE: Jonah Goldberg gives a list of Community Inactivist bumper stickers:

-Visualize me ignoring you.
-How about "let's not."
-Don't honk if you can't be bothered.
-Don't Act, NOW!
-If not now, whenever.
-Leave well enough alone
-Slacking: It's not just for kids.
-YOU Save the Whales!
-Practice Random Acts of Self-Restraint.
-Ask Not.
-Future Site of Political Statement.

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