Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Capable of Logical Thought?
What Would We Do With Them?

From Richard Mitchell's book, Less Than Words Can Say:

"Truncheons are for louts. The great masters of social manipulation use language. They know, furthermore, that the establishment of a flexible and subtle language for the ruling classes is only half of what’s needed. The other half is the perpetuation of an ineffective and minimal language among the subjects. Ordinarily, the second half is assured by man’s natural propensity to bother himself as little as possible, but history occasionally requires that the rulers take some special pains to preserve the ignorance of their subjects."

"The simple matter of being logical is a function of language. A million high school graduates capable of fluent English would be a million Americans capable of logical thought. What would we do with them[…] ? You think they’re going to buy those lottery tickets and lamps in the shape of Porky Pig?"

Bureaucratic control of education: 'No Child Left a Mind', but 'some are still achieving through the cracks'. (Damn parents) The 'ruling class' and some in the NEA and WEAC benefit, while quality education suffers.

Taxpayers: Send more money.

(H.T. Fred Sanders through Joe Carter.)

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