Friday, October 13, 2006

Well if it's not a title box, then what the hell is it?

I said in my previous post that I have no complete logical path to belief in God. If that makes me a hypocrite, then oh, well.

I think there is plenty of reason not to rule it out, though. I'll address that more later.

But, Todd, excuse me for saying that I find your non-arguments to be a cop-out. You won't explain your belief (and it IS a belief) except to say that nobody has proven any other belief yet.

If you're an atheist only because nobody's proven the existence of God to you, then that's not true atheism. Atheists BELIEVE that there IS NO GOD. That's a positive statement - atheists ARE making a statement, just like believers - that ought to be supportable somehow, and not just by default. Besides, atheism is considered the logical, reasoned choice. Isn't it? It's the believers who are superstitious.

I'll address my logical path (such as it is) next week. But I still think the atheists among us should be able to do the same.


Jason said...
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Jason said...

Actually, not all atheists believe that there is no god, which is strong atheism. Some atheists, rather, simply don't believe in god, which is weak atheism.

Scott H said...

I posted the following below, (I try to read posts chronologically), but that post seems outdated, so here it is:

Okay, there is little that can be known with 100% certainty. The reality is that no one really has to prove anything, just do enough to convince. With this, the burden logically rests on the one who seeks to assert the existence of anything. Why? Because being able to absolutely prove something does not exist (say even my friend Jon Fdljdas, who I just made up) is quite difficult and rare, whereas proving that somethng does exist is much easier, because it requires only to show it, or evidence of it. Thus if both fail, the one who fails to accomplish the easier task is to be doubted more.

Okay, I'm kinda drunk. Did that make any sense.?

Steve said...


Didn't make any sense at all, but how is that different from comments that you make while sober? (heh!)