Sunday, December 03, 2006

Newly Debunked!
The Sun Shines Where the Sun Don't Shine!

The paparazzi take a lot of flak for intruding into the private lives of the rich and famous. It seems that no place is safe from these verminous invaders.

Recently there have been several photographs of famous starlets, including Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, and now Britney Spears, getting out of limos. Apparently, the girls have also been wearing mini-skirts and have forgotten to don underwear in their haste to attend the next appointment in their hectic schedules. These poor girls, regular people just like you and me, were pictured with external genitalia exposed. Innocence has been stolen by these intrusive creeps-with-camera.

Ali Bubba of Alabama Liberation Front took the latest overexposed photo of Britney and sent it to a friend in the NSA to check for Photoshopping or other kinds of forgery. Here is the NSA report: (Uses the euphemism, nookie.)

"Yep, it's real nookie, and it's really Britney's. Also (a) our analysts agree the nookie was shaved very recently, possibly within four hours of the photo; (b) that's definitely a C-section scar, not an appendectomy; (c) there appears to be some kind of rash near the vulvular introitus, which may be caused by the tinea fungus, commonly known as ringworm or "jock itch"; and (d) other than that, it's extremely boring."

Well, maybe there are places where the sun don't shine, but there are definitely no places where photographic flash don't shine with countless experts to give analyses.

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tee bee said...

Reminds me of the brouhaha over the pshopped pic on the cover or Rolling Stone of an ... um... enhanced Al Gore.