Sunday, January 21, 2007

NFL Prediction

13 seconds to go... Saints lead 21-17... Bears come to the line of scrimmage after the timeout... here we go... fourth down and goal from the Saints' 3 yard line. Grossman takes the snap, fakes a handoff to Benson, and drops back to pass. He launches a pass to the deep right corner... 9, 8, 7... Muhsin Muhammad has beaten his defender to the corner... Rex's pass is perfectly thrown to a spot that only Muhsin can reach it... he has both feet in bounds... AND A FAN HAS KNOCKED THE BALL OUT OF HIS HANDS!! STEVE BARTMAN KNOCKS THE BALL OUT OF HIS HANDS!! OHH, MY!! SAINTS WIN, SAINTS WIN!!


Jay P said...

Hey, wait a minute...Is that you sitting in the corner of the endzone during the pre-game? You got a great seat!

Go Saints!

My favorite team is whoever is playing da Bears.

Jay P said...

The game's over. I wonder if da Bears will bring a refrigerator to the Super Bowl this time?

Steve said...

I just hope it's a good game. So many Super Bowls have been duds. At present, the Patriots are up 21-3.