Friday, January 19, 2007

Why Do They Hate Us?
Part II

Pamela Meister's article, 'Europe's Anti-American Blinders' published in American Thinker quotes Jean Francois-Revel:

"The fundamental role of anti-Americanism in Europe in general, and particularly among those on the Left, is to absolve themselves of their own moral failings and intellectual errors by heaping them onto the monster scapegoat, the United States of America. For stupidity and bloodshed to vanish from Europe, the U.S. must be identified as the singular threat to democracy (contrary to every lesson of actual history). Thus, during the Cold War, it was dogma among Europeans from Sweden to Sicily, from Athens to Paris, that the "imperialistic" power was America, even though it was the USSR that annexed Eastern Europe, made satellites out of several African countries, and invaded Afghanistan, even though it was the People's Republic of China that marched into Tibet, attacked South Korea, and subjugated three Indochinese countries. A similar dynamic applies today in the war on terror."

Revel, a Frenchman who died in 2006, also wrote in his book, Anti-Americanism, published one year after 9/11:

"Obsessed by their hatred and floundering in illogicality, these dupes forget that the United States, acting in her own self-interest, is also acting in the interest of us Europeans and in the interests of many other countries, threatened, or already subverted and ruined, by terrorism."

Denial, projection, hatred, illogicality, and stupidity... coulda happened to anybody. But if even a Frenchman could see it, it is definitely time for an intervention.


The probligo said...

As a Frenchman, he would also know that his own country would not be safe from the same accusations -


and of course the Rainbow Warrior...

Steve said...

As John Ray said tomorrow, "With great irony, the French and Germans feel compelled to lecture America on militarism, despite their own spectacular and bloody legacies."

(What your hemisphere writes on Wednesday, we read on Tuesday.)