Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Bears Suing Favre?

Just as pre-game analysis during the two weeks before the Super Bowl seemed to drone on for 2 months, the post-game proctological examinations have been just as wretched. Every conceivable reasoning has been applied.

There is one explanation that seems to make a lot of sense. The Colts were just a better team. As true as that may be, it doesn't capture the reality of the February 4th game. As even a casual fan of the game could see, the Bears were defeated when they walked onto the field.

The real reason for the Bears poor play was due to their psychological deflation after hearing the February 2nd news of Brett Favre's return to the Packer lineup. Subsequently, the fecal odor in the Bears' hotel, locker room, practice field, and sideline reeked of a South Texas outhouse in July. The sale of adult disposable diapers skyrocketed.

Several unnamed Bear starters were reported to have said, "We may be the Bears, and we may be in the Super Bowl, but with Favre back, we still suck!"

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