Thursday, February 01, 2007

Beyond the Peter Principle

Phyllis Schlafly comments on the next wave of 'No Child Left Behind'.

Mental health screening of all children is the goal of legislation introduced into many state legislatures this year. Typical of these highly controversial bills is the Missouri bill that would require every Missouri school district, in collaboration with "the office of comprehensive child mental health," to develop "a policy of incorporating social and emotional development into the district's educational program."

The Missouri bill requires schools to "address teaching and assessing social and emotional skills and protocols for responding to children with social, emotional or mental health problems." The bill also requires the Missouri state board of education to set "social and emotional development standards."

Since our public educational institutions have already mastered the teaching of readin', writin', 'rithmatic, and critical thinking...

Taxpayers... send more money... for the children.

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