Thursday, February 08, 2007

Not So Bad After All

While walking around outside, I concluded that the harsh winter weather that we have been experiencing had finally broken. Temperatures even slightly above zero seem mighty springlike. Just a little too low to work on my tan, but pretty darn close.

Back inside, I heard a frantic S.O.S. call on the shortwave. A resident of upstate New York, near Lake Erie, was outlining the conditions within which his family was trying to survive. He explained that he had just returned from a 7 hour Arctic expedition to his mailbox. Three members of his party were lost in an avalanche.

He was requesting St. Bernards to search for them, but then changed his mind and asked that someone just air drop a couple of kegs of brandy instead.

Those upstate New Yorkers are really a bunch of wusses, complaining about a mere 8 feet of snow.

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