Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Does Thomas Sowell Read Grandpa John's?

Thomas Sowell produces a random thoughts style article on NRO titled 'Stop Continental Drift! Trying to make sense of the world we live in.'

Here are a few excerpts:

"Will those who are dismantling this society from within or those who seek to destroy us from without be the first to achieve their goal? It is too close to call."

""Women's Liberation" and the "sexual revolution" have not liberated women. They have liberated the sort of man who is a "love and leave 'em" kind of guy, who lets the woman deal with the consequences, including pregnancy."

"Amid all the media hysteria over the price of gasoline and the profits of "Big Oil," one simple fact has been repeatedly overlooked: The oil companies' earnings are just under 10 percent of the price of a gallon of gas, while taxes take 17 percent. Yet who ever accuses the government of "greed"?"

"Despite political spin about "tax cuts for the rich," cuts in tax rates have led to increases in tax revenues — not only in this administration, but in the Reagan administration before that, and the Kennedy administration before that, not to mention in India and Iceland as well."

"A reader says that he had a T-shirt made that said: "Stop Continental Drift!" It made as much sense as "Stop Global Warming.""

"When the Constitution's protection of private property was disregarded, so that politicians could rob from the rich to give to the poor, that also gave politicians the power to rob from the poor and give to the rich — such as seizing homes in low-income neighborhoods and turning that property over to developers."

"At a recent debate over global warming sponsored by National Public Radio, the audience was polled beforehand and was solidly on the side of the hysterical predictions. Afterwards, they switched to a slight majority against those predictions. Don't look for the global-warming crusaders to risk doing any more debates."

"Why should they, when they have virtually a monopoly in the media, in schools and colleges, and among politicians?"

"Whenever I see the kinds of expressions on the faces of people in high-fashion ads, I feel lucky that I never met them."

I really got a kick out of that last one. On March 17th, it was written here concerning runway models, "...those anorexic bundles of sticks that parade down the runways looking like they are suffering from having barbarous objects thrust into unmentionable bodily orificia."

It's either a case of great minds running in the same channels or Sowell has been reading this blog.


Jay P said...

Wow! It's Steve Almighty! You're quite the harbinger of future events.

Congratulations on having Thomas check out your blog. Can I get an autograph?

Steve said...

That's what all my bill collectors say!