Saturday, April 21, 2007

Lenin, Green With Envy

Mac Johnson, in a post in Human Events titled 'You Da Man':

[...] During the period from about 1960 to the fall of the Berlin wall at the end of 1989, the message of the Red left was that Capitalism was exploiting the world, America was destroying the world, and the only solution was for the international intelligentsia to run the world.

Contrast this with the much-improved message of the modern Green left, which is… that Capitalism is exploiting the world, America is destroying the world, and the only solution is for the international intelligentsia to run the world. [...]

So case closed -- nature is a much better excuse for organized misanthropy than claiming to represent something as troublesome as other humans. In fact, Environmentalism is the highest manifestation of what I call a “Third Party” cause. Third Party causes work like this: Suppose you’re a jerk and you act like it for no reason. Why, I and others will all think you’re a jerk. But now, suppose you inform everybody that you are not just a jerk, you are angry for a cause, a good cause -- the sort of cause that makes you acting like a jerk entirely understandable, because you’re full of righteous indignation (as opposed to the petty kind.) You’re not a jerk at all; you’re a champion for some helpless Third Party, say, workers and peasants… or darters and pheasants. It doesn’t matter exactly, because you’re just too damn mad/concerned/upset/outraged/caring to piddle about details. My goodness, the Earth is in danger -- out of my way, idiot! [...]

All in all, it seems entirely appropriate (and again, purely coincidental) that Earth Day is celebrated on Lenin’s birthday. One wonders whether the Greenies simply had to purchase some old mailing lists.
Some call them 'Watermelons', green on the outside and pink on the inside.

However, there is also an alternate view of Watermelons.

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